The Boot at Preserve Village - Traditional Fare, Made For You.
Boot Buzz
Twitter March 13, 2012
TheBootPV I just had lunch there the other day and will be there next week. Love to come by after a walk through the woods. Great food!
Twitter March 9, 2012
The hospitality shown by TheBootPV is unmatched in this city. b_metro & bhammag need to do a write up on this restaurant if haven't yet.
FaceBook March 8, 2012
Ate there for lunch was amazing!!! also props on the assortment of fries & chips together!!! Spreading the word to my friends....
Twitter March 6, 2012
Another great dinner TheBootPV! Good friends & BLT w/ fried egg-- never disappoints! messythefoodnotthefriends
FaceBook March 3, 2012
Just had dinner there for the first time. Food was great, and the atmosphere was warm and toasty. Great place to stop in and grab some dinner!
FaceBook March 1, 2012
The mahi mahi sandwich was delicious tonight!
FaceBook February 24, 2012
Went to a new restaurant yesterday The Boot at Preserve Village - it's a fast casual format and is located across from the hiking trails at Moss Rock in the Preserve. They have ELK Burgers AND all their hamburgers are made with grass-fed beef (I know because I asked the owner). I can eat Paleo here. Yeah! Ignite Fitness - Fueled by CrossFit friends... you should try this place if you haven't already.
Urban Spoon February 28, 2012
Second Time A Charm
by Paul
Returned with some coworkers to this enchanting establishment. It's like traveling to a small European village. Beautiful wooded surroundings and homes. A nice roaring fire in the majestic fireplace added to the pleasant experience. On this go round I opted for The Coach...a delicious and bountiful BLT with fried Holstein egg on perfectly toasted wheat berry bread. It was magnificent! The best thick smoky bacon I have ever had. (Not to mention that I love a restaurant who offers beets as one of the many diverse and interesting side dishes) Did I mention how friendly and attentive the staff are?
FaceBook February 18, 2012
Excellent Saturday lunch. Chuck Norris Burger is a wonder to behold - highly recommend - if you're hungry. Great selection of Alabama craft beers.
FaceBook February 16, 2012
Brought in a friend to show her "My" Boot and treated her to lunch! She LOVED IT! From the Peach tea to the mixed fries to the Shrimp Po Boy with Mason Dixon Slaw! Said she was gonna grab hubby and come back soon! Woo Hoo!
FaceBook February 14, 2012
With ztagina eating a wonderful dinner at TheBootPV
Urban Spoon February 10, 2012
Good Stuff
by Luke
Went back for my 2nd round with The Boot...It was good, as it was before. This time I got the "Chuck Norris" Burger. It was OUTSTANDING!!! Equipped with bacon, andouille sausage, holstein fried egg, cheese, and "roundhouse" sauce. This burger was a force to be reckoned with. It was tasty from the first bite to the last. The french fry medley you recieve as a side leaves something to be desired in my opinion. The taste is very good but with fries, sweet potato fries, and homemade chips it is just a bit confusing to the pallet. I also had pasta salad which is very tasty. Service was good, as was it the first time. Very nice staff. It was overwhelmingly loud due to some type of baby shower or something going on with 15 laughing women....not to the fault of the Boot!
Bryants of Birmingham January 10, 2012
We have a new favorite “go to” spot for a bite to eat and it’s just down the hill in the Preserve Village. It’s called “The Boot” and would probably fall in the Pub/New American column. I have had salads and sandwiches there. All around $8-$9 a piece. All very tasty. Most of the food has a spin on it, like the Banger sandwich has an Andouille sausage but instead of mustard they used pimento cheese. Also, the BLT I ordered had a fried egg on it. For the $8-$9 you get a side and fries. All very tasty. The kids have gotten pepperoni pizzas every time and they seemed to like them (but then they’re 3 and 5… they think GoGurt tastes good).
They have a full bar with 3 or 4 bourbons, etc. Also, you walk in and order from a window. Then they bring the food out to you. They help always seemed very friendly to us as well. Even when we went with a large group.
During our last visit I hurriedly snapped the attached images of the menu. They are kind of fuzzy. Let me know if you want to see better versions and I’ll think of some way to get it to you. I do know their menu has changed and been tweaked a few times, so I can’t promise this menu will still be in effect, but it’s been the same every time we’ve been. They also have a Facebook page as well as post to Twitter. I signed up for their newsletter and so far it’s been a good one with menu specials and $10 coupon kind of things. Let us know what you think of The Boot!
Yelp! January 10, 2012
I've been to the Boot at Preserve Village three times now, each time ordering something different. All three times, I can say the food was good. The atmosphere is awesome, and I really enjoy the people that work there. They work hard to ensure you food arrives quickly, and that you are satisfied. This is more a Pub, and as Pubs go - it is one of the best in Hoover. I think I'll be a regular, as I work my way through the menu.
Twitter January 10, 2012
    TheBootPV Gina and I both came away with favorites tonight! I LOVED the Nola Shrimp, and Gina loved the shrimp po boy! Yum!
    Yelp! 12/23/2011
    I love The Boot!! The atmosphere is awesome and it's not like any other restaurant in town.
    Urban Spoon December 31, 2011
    by C D
    Excellent new local pub
    We are very pleased to have The Boot open in the local neighborhood. The management is friendly, the vibe is cool, and the food is terrific. I love the fish tacos, creamed spinach and pasta salad. The clientele is a sophisticated blend of people.
    FaceBook November 16, 2011
    by Robin Snow
    Best Burger Ever! The craft beers are not bad either. Love it! · · ·
    FaceBook November 15, 2011
    by Caleb Kavli
    You guys rock! Love the food, love the atmosphere, and love the location!
    FaceBook November 6, 2011
    by Mindy Authement Loupe
    Great food, great atmosphere! Loved our dinner! Had a great time : )
    FaceBook November 5, 2011
    by Linda Cato Wurstner
    Mike! Enjoyed our lunch so well during the festival today, I went home and wrote a nice review in the comment section of 'that article' they have at! Just wanted to get my two cents in on the great food and nice location of The Boot! Yum! · · ·
    Urban Spoon November 2, 2011
    Great Food & Ambience
    I had dinner with friends this week at The Boot. The brisket quesadilla was incredible, and I loved my burger topped with homemade pimento cheese spread. The atmosphere inside is cool and modern without trying to be flashy. Definitely try the 42-ounce "Das Boot" of beer at the bar, all their taps are craft beers. I had the Naked Pig brewed local from Gadsden, AL. We never even had to wait on a server either. We just ordered from the counter, and someone brought our food. Then the bartender stops by to make sure you are good on adult beverages. A+
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